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“To heal Body, Mind, and Soul, is to make manifest the True Heart of your own Divineness”

~ White Eagle (lovingly channeled by Diane Littlejohns)

Holistic Energy Services to Balance Mind, Body and Soul

The field of quantum physics has shown that matter in its most basic form is energy. Therefore, the body is of an electromagnetic nature, composed of energy, and affected by the energy fields that surround us. Energy healing treats the mind, body and spirit as interconnected, and thus a change in one level causes a change in the other two levels. Based on the concept that there is an energy system in the body that can be tapped into in order to assist all aspects of health, energy healing helps remove any blockages that prevent the body from fully functioning and thus accesses the body’s natural healing ability.

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Energy Medicine

Reach a balanced state by tuning into the emotional, physiological and spiritual parts of your inner self and removing any blockages that are interfering with your health & overall well-being.

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Past Life Regression

Whether it is past trauma, emotional patterns, or an intense curiosity about why you are the way you are. Past life regression attempts to tap into the past in order to move forward.

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genevieve cigna guelph

About Genevieve

I see dis-ease not as an obstacle but as a puzzle. My purpose is to find the pieces that are unique to each individual. I see my relationship with the client as a partnership that aims to not only identify, but to aid the body in restructuring and unlocking new meaningful purpose in life.

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