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The Energetic Tool Box

As my work progresses year to year, I have noticed two main questions which, in actuality, grow from the same root.  “How long will it take to heal?”  And. “Where does energy medicine fit in the western world?”

Modern medicine has guided us to believe that ‘healing’ takes place in a day or two, a week etc.  Yes, in many cases, symptoms do not take much time to heal. However, does it get to the heart of the issue?   The core of healing takes time, thus, the essence of our past needs to be revisited in order to move forward and process our malaise. We have this amazing gift to heal. When we cut our skin, the tissues mend.  Is it hard to believe that healing from the inside-out takes time and mindfulness?

Let’s consider how much time it has taken you to come to this point in your life.  Years of distraction, your body and soul have been crying out for attention, yet, we are too busy working, paying bills, checking time.  Being present with our bodies is the first step to healing.  Noticing the unique language it speaks, and understanding the processes your body needs to move forward is imperative.  We are conditioned to move ON with our day, but what if we are able to move WITH our day?  Being present in our beings throughout the whole day without distraction, one may think; “How would I get anything done?”

Well, it can be done.

When it comes to healing past trauma, (regardless of how long ago), we must decipher the unique energetic language of the body in order to release, and let go.  The tissues of the body have the answers to all of your questions.  Why you are the way you are, why you react the way you do.  What if we can tap into these running programs and release the long held cycles that are no longer serving you?

So. What does this all mean? And, where do I go from here?

First, you must question everything, (when it comes to your health and well-being). Question your doctors and diagnoses. This is not to exact some kind of superiority over your doctor. Rather, it is meant to assist you in understanding what is going on in your body from a nuts and bolts perspective. The goal here is to build confidence in steering your own health by understanding all options, treatments etc., Furthermore, it aims to harmonize traditional, and modern practices. I’m sure everyone recalls the old adage; ‘Two heads are better than one.’ Well, in this case, the more moving parts working in your favor, the better.

It must also be mentioned that there is a place for western medicine, and this will always be the case. A blend of both alternative and western medicine provides a deep healing process with lasting results. And in my experience, I am increasingly meeting physicians who are beginning to embrace this. And those who do not, unfortunately, are simply not keeping up with the evolution of our understanding of the human body, and its essence.

We have been subjected to believe that people who have gone to school for several years have all the answers to your problems.  This unfortunately just isn’t the case. I am certain most, if not all the people reading this article have had an instance where their problem was not solved. It could be a pain not wholly relieved, or a treatment only half successful.

What ever happened to Energy Medicine, Native Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Botanical and Chinese Medicine? All proven healing modalities that have been around for much longer, and that are sometimes more effective.  These practices have roots which run deep, and steering yourself towards them can give you another instrument in the toolbox of health. Intuition is key here, listen to that gut feeling. Too often we allow distractions in, when we should be listening to ourselves.

And lastly, talk to a light worker.  Like in any profession, light workers vary in expertise, knowledge and effectiveness, and it is very important to find the one that ‘speaks’ to you. And trust me, your body will tell you when it’s right. But, like any other practice, ask questions, research websites, absorb the references, and most importantly, listen to your own voice, what doesn’t feel right probably isn’t.