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Déjà What?
The importance of listening to your intuition

Déjà vu is a moment in time where you feel a familiarity with an occurrence, that ‘gut’ feeling that you have seen ‘this’ before. Well, we have all experienced this once or twice in our lifetimes, and sometimes multiple times. But, have you ever taken the time to think-Can it be more than a coincidence?

In this age, we go along with our day and disregard feelings, often at an alarming pace, abandoning the ‘moment’ without a second thought.

What If we trained ourselves to reflect, and to hold that single ‘moment’ in time, to honour our intuitive wisdom? Because that’s essentially what déjà vu is, right?

Well, that depends on what one believes.

I believe this ‘hmmm’ moment is a higher wisdom coming through in a split second of familiarity.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you honour and trust its guidance, the stronger the senses and feelings become. We all have this amazing gift-4 senses –the four Clair’s in which our intuitive wisdom comes through. Clairvoyance-clear seeing, Clairaudience-clear hearing, Clairsentience-clear feeling, Claircognizance-clear knowing. Every being on this planet has inherited these wonderful gifts. Each of us will also feel more connected to one or two of these gifts, they will be stronger and more pronounced.

Not listening to our senses is like boating in an ocean without a GPS.

Yet somehow, in our western world, we have decided that our logical minds take precedence over inner and spiritual guidance. And in following this cultural shift, we have lost touch with ourselves, and the essence of who we are. And to mask the negative effects, we hide behind a titles, material possessions and social status.

Imagine with the snap of a finger, the world suddenly became aware that we are all the same, we are nature, and it is us.

Funny enough, most people have these conversations inwardly, never allowing anyone to see their true self.

Because of fear.

Fear is the cancer that impedes the true Human Experience. It eats away at our wants, and inhibitions. Carving us down to morsels of the selves we always wished to be and explore.

Today, I want you to honour yourself, and the innate intelligence in which our body’s present to us everyday. Our bodies hold knowledge and understanding beyond our logical minds comprehension. And it is our duty to trust in these feelings, and give them the respect and time they deserve, so we can grow as intuitive beings.