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I get this question every week.  “How do I raise my vibration?”

There are many different ways to raise ones vibration, (exercise, meditation etc). But what we put into our bodies on a daily basis is much more important than most realize. Everyone has experienced a day in their lives where they feel physically or emotionally sluggish. And in many cases, quality of food (or lack thereof), is the culprit. So the composition of our meals over the course of a day, plays an important part in one’s balance. And the same is true when it comes to vibration. We are only as powerful as what we eat. Just like a vehicle, the type of gas and oil we put in is a factor in performance.

Lower quality meals = low vibration, it’s as simple as that! We ARE ‘beings’ composed of energy, everything we introduce into our energetic field changes and pulls our frequency, starting with our fuel! Food, an essential part of our day that we often neglect.

Have you ever really put a thought into what YOU are eating?  Thankfully these days, mindfulness on nutrition and wellness is on almost everybody’s mind. However, it can be sometimes overwhelming knowing what to eat and where to source our food.

It is no surprise that organic, pesticide free and non-GMO foods are the most ideal food types, and therefore, have the highest vibration.  When we consume higher vibrational foods, our energetic mass feels loved and nourished.  In turn, this makes room for growth and energetic expansion, helping you get through each day with purpose and determination.

All that said, life is fast, and we are surrounded by the pressures of our quick fix, instant oatmeal society. Add work, and children, all while trying to find time for yourself, and the picture suddenly becomes muddled.

But there are solutions! Time management is your best friend!

By planning the week/month ahead, one can organize what’s in the fridge/freezer, and avoid having to settle for fast food, and boxed/processed meals that suppress your field and make you feel slow, unsatisfied, and sometimes even depressed.

Yes, that BIG MAC may be delicious but is it really nourishing your body, mind and spirit?  You get the idea.

BUT. Even the best of time managers out there, can’t predict the unpredictable. We all find ourselves at times in places where we just can’t get that perfectly balanced meal. The answer is simple, and it is not new. ‘Moderation’ is the side kick to time management.

I hope this little nugget helps bring awareness on your path to finding nutritional balance and harmony. ALWAYS ask questions about what you’re putting in your body, support local, and most of all support your body.