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Diet is key – For many of us, the drinks, proteins and sugars will be lurking around every corner, and at every function. It is up to us to balance them. Enjoy, but DO try to moderate. Alcohol will peak your blood sugar which will not only lead to the dreadful hangover, but also throws your cravings and/or stress/anxiety levels out of whack. For the days between the gatherings, try smoothies, oatmeal, nuts fruits and veggies to balance blood sugar and re-balance your diet.

Know your boundaries – This is a broad statement but an integral part of maintain balance throughout the holidays. And remember IT IS okay to say “No thank you.” Don’t burnout by dragging yourself to an event you know will require all of your energy.

Keep expectations in check – Do not expect too much from your holiday season, this will only lead to disappointment. Live in the moment, breathe, and take the holiday season as it comes.

Don’t sweat the things beyond your control – Be kind to yourself this season, and avoid worrying about the things you can’t control.

Give yourself a break! – I hope this is self-explanatory because it is vital. Find time to have a bath on your own. Pick up that book you have been dying to read. For some, this is not an easy time of year, so make certain you take a break from it all. You will be doing yourself a favour.

Do not get caught up in other people’s problems – Sure it’s a part of being a good human being, listening to others speak on their troubles, but make sure to know when you ‘tolerance’ meter is rising. And if it does, have a polite exit strategy in your pocket. It is as simple as going to the restroom to take a few deep breaths.

Really do try to enjoy yourself – The holiday don’t have to be dreadful if you do not want them to be.  If they are a dreadful time of year, allow some time for self-reflection.  What, Why, and How can you release these old limiting ideals.


Happy Holiday!