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A new year can bring joy and anticipation. The hope of a fresh start, new goals, and a renewed sense of perspective. However, a new year can also bring a host of worries and apprehension. What are my resolutions? How many should I have? Are my goals too lofty for me to reach? Where can I better myself? Where do I start? When I run into difficulty who will come to my aid?

This is where we must simplify. Strip away the excess and focus on the realistic. Anything too far fetched may leave you feeling defeated, and even frustrated.

When I saw the article below, it immediately spoke to me. It left me with a sense of balance, without feeling overstretched like butter scraped across too much bread. However, at the same time it challenged me to go that extra step. The step that we all should take each year, to make ourselves, those we love, and our world better.

Article written by Doreen Virtue:

2017 gives us an opportunity to put everything into practice that we have learned so far. Here are some of the lessons that will be put to the test for you and I:

  1. The power of positive thinking. Faith and optimism are essential tools, especially in the face of fear. In 2017, we will have the opportunity to notice and compare the immediate results of fearful thinking and positive thinking. Even in situations that are dysfunctional and need healing, a positive approach will take us farther.
  2. Trust your inner truth detector. In 2017, we will continue to have whistle-blowers revealing scandals, and fake and manipulative news stories. Career politicians will clash with new politicians. This is an opportunity for you to go inside of yourself, and feel what is true and what is false. This is an important life skill that helps us with our personal relationships, career, and life purpose. This also means being authentic, and lovingly honest with yourself and others.
  3. Remember your true purpose. The reason why you are here at this time is because you looked upon earth from heaven, and saw how much everyone needed help. You volunteered to come here in a human body, to be helpful as a healer, teacher, and positive role model. When people are afraid or upset, you will have the opportunity to put all of your spiritual teachings into practice. You will model what it’s like to be peaceful, and utilize all of your healing and leadership training.
  4. Lean upon the true Source. There won’t be any time for dabbling with the ego’s insecurities in 2017. You will put your entire trust in God’s healing wisdom and love. Self-confidence will come from God-confidence.   It will be second nature for you to open yourself up to being a clear channel for God to heal and speak through you.
  5. The pursuit of true and lasting pleasure. In 2017, consumerism and other addictions will be replaced with volunteerism, and a focus upon compassion and helpfulness. Instead of pursuing short term pleasures by trying to acquire externals, we will collectively realize that the only true and lasting pleasure is through being a portal for divine love. We will of course take care of ourselves, not because of selfishness, trying to impress others, or hedonism, but because self-care helps us to help others.  Impulsivity and anxiety will be reduced as we collectively detox from chemicals, and focus upon what really matters.
  6. Peaceful activism. Getting involved with the issues that you care about will be a part of 2017. The opportunity will be to diligently follow your divine guidance to make a positive difference, and not get hooked into drama. Fear-based activism could lead to riots, civil disobedience, and martial law. We want to continue with peaceful sit-ins, conscious consumerism, boycotts, spreading educational social media posts, calling representatives, and creating and signing petitions.
  7. Spiritual Focus. In 2017, the political climate will bond humanity closer together.  Instead of being divided, there will be a return to basic values such as thoughtfulness and realizing that we all share common needs.  People will return to church and temple, with an emphasis on praying for a lovingly close connection, personal relationship with, and communication with God. People who have been turned off by religion will find a common ground, and heal their anger and fears which previously pushed them away from their Source.”   ~Doreen Virtue~

Be kind. Be strong. Be better than you were the year before.