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They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Of course there has always been a debate on this subject between the opposite sides of the argument.

But let’s take one side for a moment. Let’s say for the purpose of this experiment, that following the 21 day formula works.

Now, with any new fitness, diet or self-help program, there exists obstacles. But I’ve always believed that I obstacles exist to be overcome. A baby turtle that survives birth from its shell without being eaten, still needs to traverse a stretch of beach, usually monitored closely by predators. If the little guy survives, it needs to push its way into the ocean, eat, grow and adopt its skills without becoming fish food. We may not have to worry about being eaten, but the point is that if our little turtle overcomes all the obstacles thrown its way, it will grow into a grand specimen of the seas. Why can’t we (with a bit of guidance), take a challenge to better ourselves?

From my understanding, three basic laws of acceptance must be overcome in order for the roots of habit to begin to grow.

1 – The honeymoon phase. This is simple enough. “I have a new plan!” Great! How long this excitement and energy lasts depends on the person, but sooner or later like a new car smell, the excitement will fade.

2 – The peak “I’ve lasted 15 days! Hurray!” The peak is the turning point. You can’t get much higher than the peak. All that’s left is maintaining your success.

3 – Maintenance and eventual second nature. This part is tricky.  Staying with the program and maintaining that ‘peak’ until it’s become a natural organic part of your daily routine can be difficult. The key is to tell yourself that the prize is much more rewarding if you stick with it.

The following is your 21 days of gratitude. Start off each morning by bringing awareness to your life and the gratitude surrounding it. The following are some of my favorites however these are interchangeable.  Take the time to have each speak to you.

Day 1 – What sound am I grateful for today?

Day 2 – What colour am I grateful for?

Day 3 – What smell am I grateful for?

Day 4 – What texture am I grateful for?

Day 5 – What season am I grateful for?

Day 6 – What in nature am I grateful for?

Day 7 – What emotion am I grateful for?

Day 8 – Who in my life am I grateful for?

Day 9 – What song am I grateful for?

Day 10 – What about my body am I grateful for?

Day 11 – What abilities am I grateful for?

Day 12 – What about my surroundings am I grateful for?

Day 13 – What relationship am I grateful for?

Day 14 – What material possession am I grateful for?

Day 15 – What moment this week am I grateful for?

Day 16 – What about today am I grateful for?

Day 17 – What tradition am I most grateful for?

Day 18 – What hobby am I most grateful for?

Day 19 – What about me am I most grateful for?

Day 20 – What about life am I most grateful for?

Day 21 – What challenge am I grateful for?


Gratitude strengthens our emotional state making us more optimistic, healthier, happier and more productive as individuals.  It is a great way to self-reflect, self-discover and most of all is develops our personality.


Be kind, share love and be more grateful than you were the day before.