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Science says we process up to 60,000 thoughts per day.  Depending on the person, a certain percentage of these thoughts are naturally going to be defeating, or negative in nature. The following are ways we can actively avoid and move past potentially destructive thoughts throughout the day.

1) Learn to dispute your negative thoughts.  Challenge your ego (who is creating these destructive thought patterns).  Recognize when they come and imagine what a good friend or family member would say to you to break you away from the thought. 

2) When being mindful of our patterns and thoughts, we actually have it in us to choose to be more positive. Saying “this shall pass” and repeating it daily, often yields positive change. If it is difficult to have a catch phrase, try meditation to quiet down the mind. 

3) Are all negative thoughts bad? These kinds of thoughts are natural, and it is ok to have them from time to time. Psychologists say that trying to be constantly upbeat can actually make someone less happy. Feeling the ups and downs is simply part of the human experience. Try to go with the flow of life instead of against the grain. It will make it easier on the psyche. Because trying to control life and its outcomes can leads to defeatism. 

4) If negative thoughts are overwhelming you, try diverting your attention to ways you can help others. I could be as simple as helping someone with their groceries, or paying it forward at the drive through coffee shop. It will boost your self-esteem and shift your thinking away from being stuck in your mental process. 

5) Can any good come out of a bad experience? 

Absolutely! There is always a lesson to every experience.  People who engage in “benefit finding” have fewer disruptive thoughts, less negativity and more meaning in their lives.

 6) Try not to overthink.  This one is big!  Although negative thoughts are natural, going over and over it in your mind can increase anxiety, sadness and helplessness. Begin a ‘let it go’ practice. Every time this repetitive thinking comes on, remind yourself that if the worry isn’t serving you, LET IT GO.

You have to start somewhere. And make sure you have realistic expectations.  These thoughts, patterns and stressors have been there most likely for years. So take this guide step by step to slowly take control and create the life you deserve. 

Be gentle with yourself… Be love… Be more present than you were the day before.