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This month is about contemplation.  Mindfulness is key to creating change in your life.

Food for thought:

The following are the main reasons a person may self-sabotage.

-Self-sabotage wins when self-criticism prevails

-When the ego takes over, it creates guilt and fear, and thus we are unable to be in a place of love and acceptance.

Learning self-love creates trust and respect for your divine self.  Freeing yourself from obstructive ways=freeing yourself from the egotistic thought patterns that one has developed over time, perhaps even generationally.

Ask yourself, does this pattern of thinking serve me? Is it safe to let this pattern go?

If the answer is ‘yes’ and you are ready to let go, take a deep breath and exhale this pattern to the universe, so it can be transmuted into love and light for your highest good.

Keep yourself accountable so you can sustain these changes. And don’t allow yourself to slip into old patterns of behaviour.

It can be that easy guys, don’t over think the process.  Just be present. Stay true. Stay focused. Tell yourself you are worth it.

Be safe and have a fabulous long weekend Canada!  Happy Canada Day!

Be true… Be focused… Be more present than you were the day before.