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As we find ourselves looking ahead in life to the next event or holiday, it is important we remember that being, comes before doing.  You cannot be present if looking to the future, nor can you look to the future to prepare yourself for events that have not come to pass.  Our false realities and guessing games, (the what if’s), can waste those precious moments of being in the now.  Use them as opportunities to practice being present.

Life happens in a flash and we learn this most when there is death or illness, but what if we can cultivate this potential at all times?

We are so lucky to experience this life, and everything that comes with it. So why not start reminding ourselves to live in the moment, and to stop getting caught up with the to do’s, what if’s, what’s next…..

Learning to just “be”, IS being at peace. When you discover and train your mind to just “be” – this is when your needs are met by the universe. This is when the cultivation of me, and life, begins.

Find YOUR peace… Be grounded… Be more present than you were the day before.