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What are the most important things in my life?

The answers are normally pretty easy for most. Family, friends, job, pets, are common.

However, sometimes we forget what’s “truly” important when the speed of life’s events blindside us. And suddenly, things that wouldn’t normally be in the top five, get thrust into this list.

For example, a struggle with a co-worker. Maybe you were rear ended in the parking lot. Maybe you have the flu and feel like you will never get over it. Perhaps you want a new car and can’t afford it.

The list is virtually endless. And yet, if we keep our top five list at the forefront of our thoughts when things get tuff, the emotional effects of these moments can be negated. Because in truth, that’s all they are, moments in time. Moments that will pass.

Understanding and managing our emotions on a daily occurrence is optimal to achieving perspective and release from our day to day stressors.  You ask, well how do you that? Let’s start simply with the process of self-awareness.  What is self-awareness? It is the process of being present, the process of observing/understanding our every behaviour/thought and expression.

Self-awareness is the foundation to emotional intelligence/well being. Self-awareness is the key to developing and understanding our true selves.  And as we bring more awareness to ourselves, we become more at peace with who we are, thus being able to proactively manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviour.