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I want my home to be filled with bright, high vibration loving energy and calm. 

This is a common desire of most people, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, the home is our nest.

Whether you’ve just moved in to a new residence or have been living in the same family home for generations, shifts in energy can, and do occur, if you are mindful to them they can be easy to manage. 

Pay attention to the signs. Ever wonder why you feel down at certain times of the day while in and around the home? Perhaps there is a history in one particular room that fills you with happiness, or doubt. It may be that a room, or number of rooms have troublesome energetic baggage. Whether or not this baggage belongs to someone else, it is a good idea to keep tabs on how you feel in different parts of your home. Yes, even the backyard!

Here is a quick exercise: Try going to each room during your daily/weekly routine, asking yourself; “How do I feel here?” Take a moment to yourself and breathe. Then ask again. “How do I feel in this room?”

You may find a subtle shift in your energy, you may feel fatigue, sadness, or any other negative energetic shift.  Take action.  If you feel it, others will feel the same.  Most, don’t take the time to be aware of our energetic climate of our home.  But even without awareness, the ‘off’ energy will ware on your energetic field. 

Luckily, there is a host of methods available to you. It should be noted that different methods work for different people. So, it is import to work with the medium that speaks to you. Do your research and follow your intuitive guidance.

These are my personal favorites.

1.    Sage, Paolo Santo, Sweet Grass, Cedar (choosing the vibration through intuition to best suit what you are intending to clear/shed)

2.    Meditation/Intention (Yes! It can be as simple as reprograming a space by setting intention)

3.    Natural Incenses

4.    Chime/singing bowl, sound therapeutic tools

Remember to check the energy of your space periodically.  This is not a one-time fix all.  Every time we enter a space, we shed energetic debris, thus creating this stagnant energy in our home.  Creating a routine of space clearing in your home will go a long way to achieving a well-balanced rejuvenating home.