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It has been an interesting time of change since the new moon arrived just a few weeks ago. This new moon is creating an energetic ripple effect, a ripple that seems intent on gearing up for the next 18 months.  August, in particular, will be intense in the best of ways, as our emotional bodies will be triggered and challenged.


This month is shedding and clearing pieces of your inner self, pieces you may not have realized before.  Pieces so deep that the uncomfortableness you do feel, is simply the surrendering to the process instigated by the energetic swell.


Developing a self-care routine is imperative to helping achieve a balanced state of being.  Drink plenty of water! After all, the human body is composed of up to 60% of water, and most of us are dehydrated!


The benefits are plentiful. Here are just a few.

  • Helps deliver oxygen to the body
  • Converts food to components needed for digestion
  • Regulates body temperature,
  • Lubricates joints, and flushes the body.
  • But most of all, it helps to shift our energetic state of being


So, drink drink drink….Trust your guidance and follow the self-care routine that you are guided to.  By loving yourself, you will project love outward. This will make this 18 month transition a bit smoother for you and others. 


“Surrender” as the angels say…. Allow the universal consciousness to guide you to the newest depths of your soul’s progression.  And remember, your guides are by your side through it all. Know that you can rely on them for support and grounding over the next months. 


The angels share;

 “You must choose to walk through it, not with ease but with conviction”.


Know that whatever may come, you will surface on the other side, stronger.