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About Genevieve Cigna

Medical Intuitive, Holistic Energy Practitioner and Past life Regression Practitioner

genevieve cigna

Genevieve began her journey working closely with children in a counselling environment and it was her love for helping people that ultimately attracted her to the alternative health field. In her quest for a career in medicine she was interested in finding therapies that helped to sustain a healthy, vibrant state of being.

Genevieve was introduced to energy medicine by working and apprenticing with the co-creator of the B.O.S method. Through this experience, she gained valuable practical and theoretical knowledge into the application of alternative health disciplines. She draws experience and knowledge from practical energy modifying techniques learned throughout her years.

Under Lori Wilson, she began a year-long intensive training program and became a certified Medical Intuitive. Genevieve has developed her skills to attend and track the root cause of physical, emotional, spiritual manifestations and ailment.

Genevieve is a certified Medical Intuitive, Past Life Regression Practitioner, B.O.S (Biocomputer Operating System) Practitioner, Craniosacral Practitioner, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, an Angel Communicator and an Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner.

Genevieve assists patients in reaching a balanced state of being by tuning in to the emotional, physiological and spiritual parts of your inner self to remove any blockages that are interfering with your health.

Client Reviews

Body & Soul Connections
Genevieve is an amazing Holistic Energy Therapist. I have known and worked with Genevieve for over 8 yrs. She gets right to the roots of existing energetic happenings within the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies of her client. She is most professional, confidential with all her contacts and above all, a beautiful Lightworker

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