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“Thought without fear equals power”

~ (lovingly channeled by April Crawford)

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Genevieve is an amazing Holistic Energy Therapist. I have known and worked with Genevieve for over 8 yrs. She gets right to the roots of existing energetic happenings within the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies of her client. She is most professional, confidential with all her contacts and above all, a beautiful Lightworker
Body & Soul Connections
My family and I have been assisted by Genevieve for many years. We have travelled from the UK to Canada especially for treatment. We continue to have 'distance treatment' and we are amazed at how effective the distance treatment is.

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and has been on numerous medications all of which have not assisted her condition but have created more problems for her. The work that Genevieve has undertaken together with assistance from a nutritionist has meant that she is now medication free and pain free. She is finally able to enjoy a normal healthy life.

Genevieve has a real gift, I find that she accurately identifies the issues causing concern [physical and emotional] and more often than not the symptoms causing concern show instant improvement and relief. I can always tell when she has done the work even before she emails me to let me know she has undertaken it. Her email reports to me are excellent, full of information as to the issues and the treatment undertaken. In addition she provides advice and assistance as to other measures that can be taken to assist the problem.

I have recommended Genevieve to my friends and family and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. She has been a real alternative to the traditional medicine route and there are no side effects! I have every confidence in her and we will continue to use her, suffice it to say I am a 'believer' it really works
Body & Soul Connections
Energy medicine has been instrumental in helping me to recover and maintain a healthy, happy productive life. I can enjoy my grandchildren, my friends and my small business thanks to the tremendous techniques offered by Genevieve in her Body and Soul Connections practice. Energy work proved to be the only modality that cleared the effects of severe environmental hypersensitivity for me. It dealt with the physical and the emotional responses to nasty reactions and it helped me to find a constructive way to balance my thoughts about the condition. Unlike other methods dealing with extreme sensitivities, this approach does not require any allergy injections or tablets. No longer experiencing debilitating physical and emotional responses to common chemicals, inhalants and foods has given me the opportunity to participate fully in my life.

As both a student and a teacher, I was very prone to yearly bronchitis which has left me with some issues in my lungs. Again energy medicine has come to my rescue, helping me to clear viruses before they can settle in my lungs and leaving me free of antibiotic treatment. Since my sensitive body handles antibiotics poorly, this result is tremendous. If you listen closely, you will hear my body humming happily in delight! The onset of this difficult condition proved to be physically, emotionally and mentally tough to handle. Genevieve brought all her techniques into action and several months later I am humming right along with my body! Bring on the rest of my lifetime! I am ready to live, enjoy and celebrate!

Many, many thanks to Genevieve for her great understanding, her effective techniques, and her expert ability to help people achieve a healthy balance of the physical, the emotional and the spiritual components of their lives.
Body & Soul Connections
My husband and I have both benefited greatly from the distance treatments we have received from Genevieve Cigna. I have also had the privilege of referring a number of friends and clients to Genevieve as well. The results are long lasting and, in our cases, can be felt immediately. My husband most recently felt instantly better in body and spirit after Genevieve cleared many obstacles from him, including blockages that were hanging on for over 10 years. Incredible! We are forever grateful to Genevieve and will continue to highly recommend her to everyone we know.
Body & Soul Connections
"I've been receiving treatments from Genevieve for nearly one year. It's really not easy to articulate the kinds of changes that have occurred from our work together, but I'll try: I have much more awareness about how my thoughts and emotions affect my physical body; I have been able to work through and dissolve subconscious thought patterns and emotions that were keeping me from growing; I have strengthened my intuition; I have more control of my inner landscape. Genevieve is a talented, sensitive, compassionate and very inspiring practitioner - she helps you dissolve the fears that keep you from your life's purpose. I'm glad to have met her and am looking forward to continuing our work together."
Body & Soul Connections
"Our entire family (my husband, myself, and our two daughters) has been receiving distance energy treatments from Genevieve for two years now, and they have been a revelation in healing for all of us. A childhood friend of mine recommended Genevieve as an amazing healer, and after experiencing her caring, generous, incredibly searching and truthful energy sessions, I am in complete agreement.

My husband and I would do anything for our children to help them through their health crises, and Genevieve has been an inspiration in helping us see how much their emotional health (from today, but also from generations long ago) contributes to their physical well-being. In addition to opening up a completely new level of healing for my daughters, she has helped both my husband and myself, when we were so involved in our children’s’ illnesses that we were completely depleted, both physically and mentally. One of our many doctors, who practices both Eastern medicine, and is a pediatric ICU doctor, was amazed at the progress he saw in both of our daughters’ emotional lives/neurological processes, and credited Genevieve’s energy work completely for their amazing shift toward health. Her extremely detailed email reports allow us to receive her healing without traveling to Canada, which has been a lifesaver for us, and it really is incredible how spot-on her analysis of my daughters’ mental and physical states is, each and every time she completes a session. We are, and continue to be, forever grateful for Genevieve’s loving energetic healing for our family and recommend her services without hesitation for everyone."
Body & Soul Connections
"Dear Genevieve,

I wanted to write you to say thank you so much for helping me, my mother, sisters, nieces and nephews (age 5-25) come back to Good Health over the years. There are very few healers I would trust with my loved ones. When someone has a major issue, now it is – ‘would you call your friend, Genevieve to help'. It seems that no matter what the issue is, you are able to tune in to what is needed and help on an energetic level which often shows up as an immediate physical/emotional improvement or the problem ‘magically disappeared'. It has ranged from deep depression / anxiety due to traumatic effects.... to toxic overload to compromised immune system...tick bites...chronic fatigue...the list goes on.

I have also come to realize the immense importance of having the number of treatments needed to really clear up some of the deeper issues that took years to develop so of course it only makes sense it may take more than one session to clear up the issue. My family has always been amazed that none of them have meet you, all the sessions have been done remotely by long distance. My family and I are deeply grateful that you are committed to helping others be the best they can be by keeping them healthy. Thank you. God Bless You”
Body & Soul Connections
“If you are looking for a profound alternative to western medicine, look no further than Genevieve Cigna. Genevieve is amazing. She has the heart of an angel, the knowledge of an elder, and the skills of a surgeon. From our initial session I was amazed by how easily Genevieve was able to both quickly and easily locate the root cause of an issue in my body, and then seamlessly clear it away. I live in NYC and have access to exceptional healers, but when I met Genevieve my world changed. We were able to cover ground in one or two sessions that took months of work with other practitioners, and at a fraction of the cost.

Almost my entire journey with Genevieve has been through distance sessions, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A distance session allows me to heal in the comfort and privacy of my own home. I am invited into Genevieve’s treatment room via video skype, and we are able to both chat and work just as if I were there. As an energy worker myself, I look forward to having Genevieve in my energy field. Her instincts and intuitions always match, and then exceed my own. And she can offer me what I cannot offer myself, which is a clairvoyant ability to see inside the human body. I was raised in a family of surgeons and I can safely say that Genevieve’s knowledge of the human body is both impressive and unparalleled.

Most important, Genevieve gets results. She has helped me to heal from a wide-range of issues, everything from day-to-day ailments like a lingering flu virus, seasonal allergies, or a deep muscle bruise, to more subconscious ailments, like past-life emotional blocks. I am always amazed at the ground we cover during our time together, and since Genevieve is an exceptionally lovely person, spending time with her during an appointment is an absolute pleasure!

I refer Genevieve regularly to others without hesitation, and do so for everything from boos-boos to serious health concerns, like chronic disease or even end-of-life illness. I even have her on stand-by for my pets, as she works miracles there too! I cannot recommended Genevieve enough for the person seeking to heal their mind, body or soul.”
Body & Soul Connections
"“I turned to Energy Medicine several years ago in desperation to help heal my daughter of a birth condition related to her lymph nodes. The doctors at Sick Kids have always been reluctant to proceed with surgery because of the associated risks. Over the years my daughter had to endure several stressful imaging diagnostic tests to keep track of natural progress, and while doing so, we discovered another medical condition – which required additional MRI sessions.

But as we continued our energy treatments, without medical intervention, we observed a great progression in her healing. So much that the last MRI showed no sign of the condition and we were told that a follow-up appointment was not required! Most likely the best piece of news we’ve had in many years.

I have no doubt that Genevieve has been instrumental in helping my daughter heal her body. She is a highly gifted, skilled and most importantly compassionate healer. My daughter completely trusts her and is open to her healing methods.

Through the years Genevieve has helped my family and me through difficult periods. She has especially helped me release fears, and anxieties and blocks. For each session, she intuitively gets to the heart of the matter – so time is spent on healing, rather than diagnostics.

Genevieve has become an indispensable part of our lifelong progression towards good health. Alongside proper nutrition and physical activity, she’s been a key ingredient to keeping us healthy and strong. She is like our Vitamin C. We call on her when we are sick, but most often we call when we’re not; just because there is no substitute to a solid preventive set of healthy habits.”