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1) Be Thankful, Count your blessings in the moment: Life happens when you are busy making other plans.Take a moment each day to bring gratitude and awareness to your life and the important people you share it with.

2) Silence is sanctuary. Sometimes putting ego aside and letting things ‘just be’ can be the best medicine for the soul.  Arguments, disagreements, can spiral out of control if we dig emotional trenches and linger there.

3) Love is more powerful in action than in words: BE LOVE, exude your loving selves every day in every way. Love conquers all, if you express love in your energetic field according to universal law, you WILL attract abundance.

4) Learn from your mistakes but make sure to let them go: If you see every scenario with love there is no need to hold on to anything.  Learn and bring awareness to each lesson for you in each moment.  Once the awareness of the lesson has been awakened, let it go.  Your subconscious mind will take care of it, patterns will shift and you will create change.

5) Never ever let go of your passion: Passion should be your fuel in life.  Sometimes finding it takes time, however, many times it’s been there, right in front of your nose all along. Big or small, your passion will make you feel alive. It will cleanse the energetic field and jump start your creative juices that have been laying dormant. Passion=happiness.

6) Ones own personal place of Peace is sacred, and don’t let anyone interfere with yours: In a world of drama, news and reality TV, it is so easy to get swept in to the senselessness of the world.  This chaotic vibration can suppress your energetic field.  Find your own calm, and set a line in the sand that only you may cross. And there, you will be able to bring yourself back into a place of peace, far away from the world.

7) Patience can be rewarding: this is very important! When people try too hard, they create an energetic blockage that hampers your progress.  Setting intention, being patient and allowing the universe to guide you in whichever way you NEED to be guided will ensure that you get to your purpose efficiently. The universe has a divine plan of action that may not be what you have originally envisioned.

8) Don’t let fear be the obstacle:  this is vital! Give your whole self to the divine flow of the universe. And trust It. By giving into fear and letting it rule you, love cannot have a place to shine.  Living in fear is like living in a box, your growth will be restricted.