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Angelic Guidance For The Month Ahead

It has been an interesting time of change since the new moon arrived just a few weeks ago. This new moon is creating an energetic ripple effect, a ripple that seems intent on gearing up for the next 18 months.  August, in particular, will be intense in the best of ways, as our emotional bodies will be triggered and challenged.


This month is shedding and clearing pieces of your inner self, pieces you may not have realized before.  Pieces so deep that the uncomfortableness you do feel, is simply the surrendering to the process instigated by the energetic swell.


Developing a self-care routine is imperative to helping achieve a balanced state of being.  Drink plenty of water! After all, the human body is composed of up to 60% of water, and most of us are dehydrated!


The benefits are plentiful. Here are just a few.

  • Helps deliver oxygen to the body
  • Converts food to components needed for digestion
  • Regulates body temperature,
  • Lubricates joints, and flushes the body.
  • But most of all, it helps to shift our energetic state of being


So, drink drink drink….Trust your guidance and follow the self-care routine that you are guided to.  By loving yourself, you will project love outward. This will make this 18 month transition a bit smoother for you and others. 


“Surrender” as the angels say…. Allow the universal consciousness to guide you to the newest depths of your soul’s progression.  And remember, your guides are by your side through it all. Know that you can rely on them for support and grounding over the next months. 


The angels share;

 “You must choose to walk through it, not with ease but with conviction”.


Know that whatever may come, you will surface on the other side, stronger.

The cradle of grounding – The home

I want my home to be filled with bright, high vibration loving energy and calm. 

This is a common desire of most people, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, the home is our nest.

Whether you’ve just moved in to a new residence or have been living in the same family home for generations, shifts in energy can, and do occur, if you are mindful to them they can be easy to manage. 

Pay attention to the signs. Ever wonder why you feel down at certain times of the day while in and around the home? Perhaps there is a history in one particular room that fills you with happiness, or doubt. It may be that a room, or number of rooms have troublesome energetic baggage. Whether or not this baggage belongs to someone else, it is a good idea to keep tabs on how you feel in different parts of your home. Yes, even the backyard!

Here is a quick exercise: Try going to each room during your daily/weekly routine, asking yourself; “How do I feel here?” Take a moment to yourself and breathe. Then ask again. “How do I feel in this room?”

You may find a subtle shift in your energy, you may feel fatigue, sadness, or any other negative energetic shift.  Take action.  If you feel it, others will feel the same.  Most, don’t take the time to be aware of our energetic climate of our home.  But even without awareness, the ‘off’ energy will ware on your energetic field. 

Luckily, there is a host of methods available to you. It should be noted that different methods work for different people. So, it is import to work with the medium that speaks to you. Do your research and follow your intuitive guidance.

These are my personal favorites.

1.    Sage, Paolo Santo, Sweet Grass, Cedar (choosing the vibration through intuition to best suit what you are intending to clear/shed)

2.    Meditation/Intention (Yes! It can be as simple as reprograming a space by setting intention)

3.    Natural Incenses

4.    Chime/singing bowl, sound therapeutic tools

Remember to check the energy of your space periodically.  This is not a one-time fix all.  Every time we enter a space, we shed energetic debris, thus creating this stagnant energy in our home.  Creating a routine of space clearing in your home will go a long way to achieving a well-balanced rejuvenating home. 

Quote of the Month – July 2018

” Energy like you, has no beginning and no end.  It can never be destroyed.  It is only ever shifting states.”

~Panache Desai

What is really important to you?

What are the most important things in my life?

The answers are normally pretty easy for most. Family, friends, job, pets, are common.

However, sometimes we forget what’s “truly” important when the speed of life’s events blindside us. And suddenly, things that wouldn’t normally be in the top five, get thrust into this list.

For example, a struggle with a co-worker. Maybe you were rear ended in the parking lot. Maybe you have the flu and feel like you will never get over it. Perhaps you want a new car and can’t afford it.

The list is virtually endless. And yet, if we keep our top five list at the forefront of our thoughts when things get tuff, the emotional effects of these moments can be negated. Because in truth, that’s all they are, moments in time. Moments that will pass.

Understanding and managing our emotions on a daily occurrence is optimal to achieving perspective and release from our day to day stressors.  You ask, well how do you that? Let’s start simply with the process of self-awareness.  What is self-awareness? It is the process of being present, the process of observing/understanding our every behaviour/thought and expression.

Self-awareness is the foundation to emotional intelligence/well being. Self-awareness is the key to developing and understanding our true selves.  And as we bring more awareness to ourselves, we become more at peace with who we are, thus being able to proactively manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Cherishing Others

Are we important? It’s a funny question. And often an easy answer. “Why Yes! I’m important!”

Yet, depending on how you approach the question, it can be a deep question.
Are we more important than anyone else? And if so, who? Does status or wealth make one more important than someone else? Does the amount of followers one has on social media make them more important?

We all go about our day thinking ‘me’ or ‘I’. But do we actually stop to think about ‘they’ or ‘he’ or ‘she’?

Putting others first is a powerful way of thinking. And a key foundation in the Buddhist teachings.

Buddhists call it – cherishing others. A way to put others before yourself, and not just family or close friends either. It is the way to make all people equal to, or even above yourself.

This may be an easy tweak in one’s daily routine at first, but try expanding it to peers, even strangers. And then try to use it with someone who you consider a difficult person.

If it sounds odd, even unthinkable, perhaps attempt an experiment. Pick a person that may be considered difficult in your life, and cherish them. It could be a compliment, or a phone call after a long absence of conversation. Anything. Just use your mindfulness through action to send love their way. Though you may feel uneasy about it, keep reminding yourself that it is simply an experiment.

Who knows, maybe the Buddhists are right…maybe extending kindness to all living beings will bring us increased happiness. Maybe challenging our old ways can lift us to places we never thought possible.

Try cherishing others more. You may have some fun along the way.

Be kind…Be love…Be more present than you were the day before.

Learning to be at peace

As we find ourselves looking ahead in life to the next event or holiday, it is important we remember that being, comes before doing.  You cannot be present if looking to the future, nor can you look to the future to prepare yourself for events that have not come to pass.  Our false realities and guessing games, (the what if’s), can waste those precious moments of being in the now.  Use them as opportunities to practice being present.

Life happens in a flash and we learn this most when there is death or illness, but what if we can cultivate this potential at all times?

We are so lucky to experience this life, and everything that comes with it. So why not start reminding ourselves to live in the moment, and to stop getting caught up with the to do’s, what if’s, what’s next…..

Learning to just “be”, IS being at peace. When you discover and train your mind to just “be” – this is when your needs are met by the universe. This is when the cultivation of me, and life, begins.

Find YOUR peace… Be grounded… Be more present than you were the day before.


Autumn Insight From The Archangels

Archangel Gabriel is reminding us this month to pay very close attention to everything in our lives that may impact our energetic vibration.  World news, toxic/negative individuals, unhealthy food choices, are just a few notables that can lower our energy. Additionally, seasonal variables such as Halloween (which is just around the corner), are fun times of year, however, indulging in to many sweets can bring us a false sense of grounding.

Being prepared and staying grounded is important. Yet, it doesn’t mean we have to ignore the fun in it all either.

Archangel Michael is affirming this year (2017) as a challenging year.  It is a year or self-development/ self-acceptance and standing in our truth.  We sometimes push back because self-development can be at times quite uncomfortable.  Developing a ritual of grounding and centering your energies before the day will ensure you are anchored in your spiritual center….in the now.  You will be less susceptible to reaction or distraction by other energies you encounter throughout your day if you stay true to the now. (See the daily practice section below for a ‘How to’ guide to grounding).

We are however, reminded that there is some relief in 2018. And this periodic heavy/dark/unrelenting energy will shift and get lighter as we approach the new year.

Archangel Michael goes on by saying that for every human action there is a reaction.  You are only responsible for your experience.  Be mindful of that experience by staying present and not distracting yourself with the ‘chaos’ of the world.  Be the best person you can be by bringing awareness/mindfulness to the negative people or events that are happening in or around your life right now.  Bring understanding to the lessons behind the manifestation of events, so you can take the path of least resistance.

Be yourself… Be grounded… Be more present than you were the day before.