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Are we important? It’s a funny question. And often an easy answer. “Why Yes! I’m important!”

Yet, depending on how you approach the question, it can be a deep question.
Are we more important than anyone else? And if so, who? Does status or wealth make one more important than someone else? Does the amount of followers one has on social media make them more important?

We all go about our day thinking ‘me’ or ‘I’. But do we actually stop to think about ‘they’ or ‘he’ or ‘she’?

Putting others first is a powerful way of thinking. And a key foundation in the Buddhist teachings.

Buddhists call it – cherishing others. A way to put others before yourself, and not just family or close friends either. It is the way to make all people equal to, or even above yourself.

This may be an easy tweak in one’s daily routine at first, but try expanding it to peers, even strangers. And then try to use it with someone who you consider a difficult person.

If it sounds odd, even unthinkable, perhaps attempt an experiment. Pick a person that may be considered difficult in your life, and cherish them. It could be a compliment, or a phone call after a long absence of conversation. Anything. Just use your mindfulness through action to send love their way. Though you may feel uneasy about it, keep reminding yourself that it is simply an experiment.

Who knows, maybe the Buddhists are right…maybe extending kindness to all living beings will bring us increased happiness. Maybe challenging our old ways can lift us to places we never thought possible.

Try cherishing others more. You may have some fun along the way.

Be kind…Be love…Be more present than you were the day before.